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Added Apr 10, 2018

Quelques passages de Jean Baudrillard

 La photo revele le malin genie de la realite elle est fragment la plus petite forme possible du tout, Le visuel s'empare des choses.

 La photographie est l'ecriture automatique de la lumiere, le sujet est ce sur quoi s'arrete la pensee et l'objet est ce sur quoi s'arrete la lumiere, ce qui la reflechit.

"You think you photograph a particular scene for the pleasure it gives. In fact it's the scene that wants to be photographed. 

You're merely an extra in the production"

"The magic of photography is that it is the object which does all the work"

"Every photographed object is merely the trace left behind by the disappearance of all the rest. It is an almost perfect crime, an almost total resolution of the world, which merely leave the illusion of a particular object shining forth, the image of which then becomes an impenetrable enigma."


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